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Latest Update

Plans for the proposed development at Wyton Airfield remain. However, the priority has been to ensure we get the highways solutions right for the site and also compatible with Huntingdonshire District Council's wider work on the local plan. So far the last few months we have been working very closely with County Highways and Hunts District Council's planning team, looking at proposed highways solutions, examining future growth around Huntingdonshire and considering the needs of the District as a whole, as well as looking at the requirements for the immediate surroundings of Wyton Airfield.

This process, and our wish to work with the local plan process has led to a slight delay in our programme, but we are hoping to be able to consult on the findings in relation to highways later in 2016, with a view to submitting an application next year.

2016 Pathfinder March

Crest Nicholson is delighted to be providing sponsorship for the 2016 Pathfinder March, the second year running they have done so.

The March will take place on Saturday, 18th June, and will see participants take on the gruelling 46-mile route that runs over footpaths and open countryside throughout Cambridgeshire, linking the four original Path Finder Force stations of RAFs Wyton, Gravely, Oakington and Warboys.

RAF Wyton was headquarters to No. 8 Group The Path Finder Force during the Second World War , and played an instrumental role in the bombing campaign. The Pathfinder March was set up in 1997 with the aim of perpetuating the memory of those who operated on the 19 WWII Path Finder Force Squadrons.

Walkers and runners from both the military and local civilian community take part.

To sign up and for more information, visit

Current Situation

Crest Nicholson has been working on a package which will not only mitigate the impact of Wyton Garden Village on the local highways network but also benefit Huntingdonshire and serve to address wider local plan issues.

The package of measures will take into account the phased development of Wyton Garden Village, which will take place over the course of 20 years, as well as the surrounding context of the economic growth of the Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire area. This will involve Crest Nicholson committing to continue collaboration with all relevant authorities to ensure that the impact of Wyton is not only mitigated but also serves as part of the solution to increasing pressure on highways.

Crest Nicholson is aiming to submit an application in late 2016. This will ensure the timetable fits in with Huntingdonshire District Council’s Local Plan process.

Public Exhibition

On the weekend of 17th and 18th October 2015 Crest Nicholson held a public exhibition about Wyton Airfield. No firm decisions have been made about the final proposals for the site, the event was aimed at getting feedback from the public on a few emerging issues and ideas. More than 350 people came over the two days and a number submitted feedback forms.

A copy of the exhibition boards in PDF format can be found here.

Pathfinder March

On the 20th June, Crest Nicholson took part in the Pathfinder March, a 46 mile long distance walk race around four airfields at Oakington, Warboys, Gravely and Wyton to commemorate the pathfinder force who guided bombing missions during the Second World War.

Pathfinder March

Crest also entered the event and the team made good time, completing the course in just over 15 hours, braving rain and even angry cows along with fellow walkers and runners!

To see photos from the day, click here

Crest have agreed to sponsor next year’s event too.

Wyton on the Hill Parish Fete 2015

The project team from Crest had a stall at the Wyton on the Hill Parish Fete on Saturday 18th July. Complete with exhibition boards, this was a great opportunity to discuss and answer any questions residents had on the emerging proposals and to submit your initial views and feedback on the future of the airfield.