Wyton Garden Village

The Vision

Our vision for Wyton Airfield site is to deliver a 21st Century Garden Village, a great place with local identity, where a sustainable community will flourish.

Wyton Garden Village will stitch into the existing working and living communities of RAF Wyton and Wyton on the Hill. It will be designed to respect and support the nearby historic St Ives. The new village will enhance and repair the natural environment while remembering the historic significance and use of the site. It will provide quality mixed-tenure homes and associated schools, shops and employment with good public transport connections to Huntingdon and to Cambridge. It will be set within a beautiful network of parks, village greens and garden squares. Overall our ambition is to design a new Garden Village, a contemporary exemplar of the successful movement that brings nature closer to home, and combine it with local character and significance. Wyton Garden Village is designed and will be built to high environmental standards, accommodating a variety of lifestyles choices and encouraging sustainable healthy living.

The Site

The Airfield site extends to 253 hectares in area and it is identified in the emerging Huntingdonshire Local Plan to 2036 as one of three ‘Strategic Expansion Locations’ in the District. In accordance with the District Council’s policy, a housing-led development with supporting employment, educational, retail and community uses is proposed. Transport and infrastructure improvements, as well as open spaces, are also part of the application being prepared.

Design Principles

  • Restoring and enhancing connections to the surrounding countryside

    Connecting to the RAF Wyton and Wyton on the Hill

    Re-use of existing runways as streets and open spaces

    Locally inspired housing design

  • Landscaped streets and village greens

    Development edges open to the landscape

    Restorative of existing landscape features

    Framed countryside views

    Generous provision of shared and private amenity gardens

  • Easy to walk and cycle

    Public transport (Guided Bus and Local Bus)

    Community facilities and schools within walking distances

    Ability to grow own food

    Sense of community and neighbourhood identity

  • SUDS strategy integrated with open spaces design

    Parameters will ensure coherence whilst allowing for variety in detail design

    Holistic and collaborative approach to Planning

    Phased delivery (2018-2036)

    Quality and variety of homes

Masterplan Concept

Illustrative Masterplan

Consistent with the District Council’s planning policy for the site, a housing-led mixed use development is proposed, comprising of:

  • 4,500 new homes, of mixed tenures
  • 10ha of employment land
  • A Village Centre with retail floorspace and community uses
  • Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Elderly accommodation
  • Green and open spaces
  • and Transport infrastructure improvements including linkages to the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway.


The current aim is to submit a planning application in early 2017.